Our open source projects

Today's post is not about us, it's about others. We believe in sharing. We have built our software around the idea than when you open source code, you're not just helping yourself but contributing to help others. This post is about the stuff that we have developed internally at Koliseo,… »

Changes are coming

Software development can be a lot like housework. You can move a table or add a picture, things that everyone will notice as soon as they enter your home. Or you can, say, clean the house, redo the plumbing, paint the outside, huge things that are important but will go… »


Starting last week, you can add logos to be displayed at the end of the event page. Select Edit ยป Edit Logos and start by introducing a logo category. You can use Sponsors and Organizers, or go into more detail with Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsors. Once introduced the categories, you… »

SEO for event ticketing

Search Engine Optimization is not an easy topic. In a world full of truths, half-truths and plain lies, it's good to start covering some base facts. If you are new to this, we can recommend The Google Webmaster Academy to get an introduction to SEO, Google Webmaster Forum to find… »

Responsive Web Design in Koliseo

The best event interface can look like crap if it doesn't include awesome background images to get the point across. At Koliseo we are not shy of experimenting: Include videos in the event page: We did that in the early platform, but it looked awful when real people tried to… »

A new Photo Manager

The last couple of months we have been working to make better tools to manage background pictures. Starting January, all users have a photo manager to reuse pictures for multiple events. Right now the feature is experimental, and we are adjusting things like automatic resizing of big pictures. It's also… »