Defining Onboarding for Koliseo

Every now and then we do some "reality tests" on our platform: get out and grab some real users, sit down with them, create an event and sell some tickets. It helps to keep our feet on the ground. It is worrisome that for some time we have known that… »

Lower fees for 2014

You don't hear everyday that someone is planning to lower their prices. This year, using Koliseo to sell your events is cheaper than ever: This is a 56% drop of our old ticket fee. The same fee is applied to all supported means of payment. Right now it's just credit… »

Reasons to drool in 2014: Introducing our new landing pages

Let's talk about something that started as an experiment to kill time during a 3-hour train trip to Amsterdam, improved later with some feedback from event organizers in Berlin and Madrid and finally saw the light as a Santa present on December 25th, our year-round perfect moment to release according… »

Actions in your GMail Inbox

This is one of these rare situations where we integrated a feature before it was released by Google. A couple of months ago we jumped ahead of the wagon and included actions with our tickets. Last month this feature got out of beta and into GMail mainstream: Now your attendees… »

New blog! Yay!

Our current status: Move to a brand new blog platform that looks awesome and makes it super-easy to create new content -> Done. Introduce into Koliseo all those crazy features that we mentioned while drunk at the New Year's Eve party -> In progress... We are 50% into our New… »

Mailing with style

You know these days when you want to share how great your new e-mail templates are, but at the same time hiding how embarrassing they used to be? Yep. For us, that would be Friday. Since November, all e-mails sent by Koliseo (ticket confirmation, ticket sale alerts, invitations, whatever) will… »