Reasons to drool in 2014: Introducing our new landing pages

Let's talk about something that started as an experiment to kill time during a 3-hour train trip to Amsterdam, improved later with some feedback from event organizers in Berlin and Madrid and finally saw the light as a Santa present on December 25th, our year-round perfect moment to release according to our Analytics reports:

We have recoded entirely our event management interface.

The new page has been polished to exhaustion, giving shape to a more fluid administration experience. Just because we were at it, we have also improved response times 20% and included a new Photo Manager for easier background image reuse.

Content-Security-Policy headers have been added everywhere to secure the website against JavaScript XSS attacks and improve our OAuth integration. Some users with Microsoft accounts were complaining that Koliseo was asking for access to their social networks, which was a bug. Our policy has not changed, we keep asking strictly for name and e-mail just to confirm that a real user can be contacted in case anything goes wrong.

Unfortunately, this release also includes some clean-up. We were forced to drop support for Internet Explorer 9 (1% of our users), which was responsible of the lion's share of our compatibility problems. Users with Internet Explorer are recommended to upgrade to IE 10 or IE 11 (Windows should do that automatically), or move to Chrome or Firefox.

So here it goes: Koliseo 3.0 released with love, this time from the Canary Islands. Try it, kick the tires and don't hesitate to tell us if we broke something.