TL;DR, we are going to take some time off to rebuild our platform to reflect better who we are and what we want to achieve. 2020 is the year where we rebuild ourselves.

We are a small bootstrapped company, which allows us to do things that others in the same business cannot. With size comes inertia, and commitments, and fixed costs. We have little of these, mostly because there is no VC behind our decisions. It's just us.

This year has been challenging for most people. After a pandemic shut down everyone at home, all events across the world were either canceled or postponed to a date TBD. Eventbrite was forced to cut 45% of their staff, attendance to the movies dropped up to 98% compared to the year before.

We can agree that 2020 is a time like never before, but it represents also an opportunity for us to stop and plan the journey ahead. We have decided to invest this year applying what we now know about event management platforms, to reshape into a place that can make a difference once we discover what the new normal will be.

We are putting our regular business on hold during this time. Starting with the second half of the year, we are not accepting new events on our platform. We are working hard to deploy our new platform as fast as possible, and COVID-19 created a gap where we can focus just on that.

We acknowledge that this may be an inconvenience to many, and we apologize for that. To hear from us once we roll out our new beta, you can subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter.

Hold tight. We will be back soon.