We must confess our Android app is our particular yak shaving nightmare. The Android world is still young, which means that the One and True Way of Doing Things is a moving target most resembling the weird uncle from Paranorman. We were avoiding big changes, but the app is two years old and at some point we had to rebuild the whole thing. Three months later, this baby is:

  • Smaller: we trimmed the number of views from eight to three, all without dropping a single feature.
  • Faster: not that it was slow before, mind you, but switching from Guice to Dagger managed to divide by three the startup time.
  • Integrated with the account in your phone: thanks to Google Play Services, now you can sign in using your Google account with a nice native interface.
  • Embedded camera preview: validating tickets with your camera does not imply to go fullscreen anymore, so the attendees list is now always visible. Bonus: the camera can be disabled to save battery, and validate just with the android keyboard.
  • Super-fast ticket search: there is an always-visible text field to search by user ID, first name, last name or ticket checksum. In our tests with an event around 200 attendees, it usually is a matter of two keystrokes to locate a particular ticket.

But don’t take our word for it: download our app and tell us how we are doing on Twitter.