Automatic Invoices. No, seriously.

Automatic Invoices. No, seriously.

Invoicing is like the ugly cousin nobody likes to mention at parties. It's complicated from a legal perspective, full of weird rare cases, and hard to get it right for more than one country.

Then there is this thing: past a certain price range, every professional event needs to create invoices.

For. Every. Single. Attendee.

So we did just that: starting this month, any purchased ticket can be transformed into an invoice without a phone call or messing with your life. Blissful invoices, we call them.

Introduce the invoicing data of your company to enable this feature. Invoices will be given a unique number according to the year of the date where the invoice is created. The invoice will be canceled if the ticket is refunded. You can read more about this in the documentation.

We are still ironing this feature out with testers in Spain, and are looking out for feedback. Check it out and tell us what you think!