Advanced fields: marking the start and end of your ticket sales

At Koliseo we stress that events can be repeated on multiple dates. You can set performances all weekends of the same month, all reusing the same event name and picture.

Regardless of when your performance is taking place, you may want to assign a sales interval for different ticket types. For example, it’s common practice for conferences to offer an early bird discount for a limited time, or just do the opposite and offer a special discount during the last two days to help fill those last three seats. Both cases were covered in the past using discount codes, but now you can just specify the start and end of the availability of each ticket type.

Adding a start and end date to your tickets can increase conversion

To enable this feature, in your Ticket types tab enable the Advanced features button to see the start and end dates. Now you can set them to your hearts’ contempt, but keep in mind to leave at least one type enabled for the present time or the performance will not be available at all.

During the purchase process your users will see when the availability period ends (or if they have expired), but not the start timestamp: tickets that are not yet available will not appear at all when purchasing. Keep also in mind that both fields are optional and can be left empty.

What, still reading? Go and start playing with this!