A New Design for the Agenda

A New Design for the Agenda

So we were last week doing a small change, as people do, when things transformed – slowly – from a small easy change into a huge refactor thing:

Long story short, we ended up redesigning our entire agenda to take advantage of features present in our actual list of browsers, using features that we did not have three years ago. We incurred in some risks in the process.

The new agenda design on desktop


  • The agenda has always been responsive, but now it uses the full width of a desktop browser if needed (previously, it maxed out at 980px). Time to put that 4K monitor to good use!
  • The names of tracks and time slots now follow you around when scrolling on desktop.
  • The new design is more lightweight, focused on increasing visibility of the talks instead of the table.
The agenda design on mobile

You can give it a try in the agenda for Commit 2018. We are still polishing on the edges, and feedback would be appreciated. If you find any bugs, or expected things to work differently, we spend day and night on Twitter.