Charts! Charts!

Behold our mighty reports page, now with 20% more ponies: This is a tool we built for ourselves. There is a lot of beauty in raw numbers, but to extract meaning we needed a proper dashboard. So we did just that. Starting this week when you sign into Koliseo you… »

Purchase multiple ticket types at once

Parents taking their children to a family event have a common requirement: they need to purchase adult and children tickets in the same process because, you know, kids. This used to be a problem, until now. The ticket selection in Koliseo used to be a mutually exclusive process where you… »

OAuth: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Our experience integrating six different OAuth providers has been documented by Ignacio Coloma in his blog. The conclusions: We still kind of love OAuth, despite its problems and inconsistent implementations. Our system is secure with very little work, specially compared with the alternatives. OAuth introduces new security holes, and certainly… »

Advanced fields: marking the start and end of your ticket sales

At Koliseo we stress that events can be repeated on multiple dates. You can set performances all weekends of the same month, all reusing the same event name and picture. Regardless of when your performance is taking place, you may want to assign a sales interval for different ticket types.… »

Our new “Pause Sales” button

This is a brief note, in case you didn’t notice: See that new button? Hard to miss, all red and everything, right? This button will pause your ticket sales for all performances of this event, effectively removing the “get your tickets” button and canceling any purchase process prior to… »

Custom form fields

Did you know? There is an inverse relationship between conversion ratio and the number of fields in your form. Translated to English, the number of fields in your purchase form makes your users get confused and go elsewhere for their tickets. 20% more users will submit a form with one… »